Amanda and Gerard Duval Jr. Engagement Announcement

Amanda Sletten, daughter of LaVern and Carol Sletten of Waseca, has become engaged to Gerard Duval Jr., son of Gerard Duval Sr. and Tammy Cameron of Clearwater, FL.

Wedding Date

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Leaving Jaxon at home they went out for ice cream at Barney's and then went to Moon and Marsh and he proposed to her there. She cried, said yes, and announced it as soon as they got home. Jaxon was so happy, Mommy and Daddy are getting married!

How They Met

They are an adorable couple who get at each other and pick on each other but it is always loving. They both love their son, Jaxon, and are excited to include him in the wedding. When Gerard moved to Minnesota he never thought that he would meet the girl of his dreams, but he did. He is so supportive of Amanda finishing school and being a stay at home mom. He works full time at Viracon and is trying to save enough money for a house for them to move into.