Chelsea and Joshua Nelson Engagement Announcement

Chelsea Herre, daughter of Jeff and Renae Herre of Saint Peter, has become engaged to Joshua Nelson, son of Terry and Carla Nelson of Rochester.

Wedding Date

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Almost a year into our relationship we took our first away trip together to Northfield, MN and stayed at Archer House Inn. It's become an annual trip now and this year we made reservations to go back to the same hotel for an overnight stay. When we got to the hotel we coincidentally ended up in the same room we stayed at the year prior. This was not planned. We got settled into our room and started getting ready to go out to dinner. When I stepped out of the other room I almost walked on top of Josh down on one knee! On his birthday even!

How They Met

We met at Josh's business Nelson Imports, I stopped in to pick up my car one day. I finally got the nerve to ask him out. Our first date was in his shop we shared wine and one of his favorite beers Surly Furious while he fixed my car.