Katie and Mike Bothun Engagement Announcement

Katie Nathe, daughter of Shane and Kathy of Anoka, has become engaged to Mike Bothun, son of Rick and Sharon of Owatonna.

Wedding Date

Saturday, December 2, 2017


It was my last day of the quarter for nursing school. I had just finished three finals and really wanted to go do something fun to celebrate. Mike and I went out for some celebratory cocktails and were trying to come up with a dinner plan when he said that he wanted to run home to change his clothes.

When we got home he told me to just wait in the car for him. A couple minutes later, he came back out with a blindfold. My birthday was the next day so I thought that he was surprising me with shelves in the bathroom that I had told him I wanted and was not interested in being blindfolded for that. However, I humored him and he led me inside. When he took the blindfold off, the entire room was filled with roses, rose petals, and candles. It completely took my breath away! I turned around to him on one knee asking me to marry him. It took me a second to fully process what was happening and when I did, the word "YES!" burst from my lips.

How They Met

We worked in downtown Mankato, at two different bars within walking distance from each other, so we spent a lot of time hanging out at each others bar. One night while working, a coworker had given me a note from Mike (who was also working) and it was asking me out to dinner with a box to check yes and a box to check no. I thought it was cheesy and wasn't going to do anything with it, but my coworker marked yes on my behalf and had it brought over to him. He called me after work and I agreed to go to dinner. We spent the entire night laughing and getting to know one another. To this day, we still talk about that date and how both of is knew that it was the beginning of something bigger than either of us could have imagined.