Marissa and Alex Mervin Engagement Announcement

Marissa Olson, daughter of Kip Olson & Diane Olson of Saint Peter, MN, has become engaged to Alex Mervin, son of Ann & Marty Mervin of Saint Peter, MN.

Wedding Date

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Alex had just come home from a long day of work as it was still harvest season, Marissa had been at home eating supper and Alex's parents "just happened" to stop by. Alex came in and said "hi" and that he was "going to let (Opie) the dog out" and went out to the yard with his parents. Opie is frequently let out without a leash and will stay in the yard as long as someone is out there with him. Alex came back into the house minutes later and said that Opie had "taken off after a rabbit" and that he "couldn't get him to come back". Marissa, panicking, grabbed the bag of dog treats off of the counter and raced outside. Coming out of the porch, Marissa saw Alex's parents and lots of other friends around, as well as Opie right in front of her, hooked up to the leash. She turned around to say "what the heck, Opie is right here!?" And Alex was behind her on one knee proposing. Needless to say, she said 'yes'!

How They Met

Alex & Marissa both attended Saint Peter High School but were a few classes apart. They met through mutual friends circa-2010, and started dating in May of 2014. They have been inseparable ever since!