Summer and Nick Schaible Engagement Announcement

Summer Nguyen, daughter of Lam Nguyen, Doris Kinney of California, has become engaged to Nick Schaible, son of Kent & Vicki Schaible of Mankato.

Wedding Date

Sunday, September 9, 2018


It's a two part proposal! The first time we were driving along the north shore and Nick suddenly said, "I want to ask you something but I am woefully unprepared." My response as always was ask anything. Then he said, "I want to know if we can start our 15 year engagement now." (I was always joking if I were.ever to marry it would be a 15 year engagement.) Of course I said YES!! Our love has always been a bit off the cuff so in true form he asked because the moment felt right but we had no ring! So we ordered a ring that seemed to take forever.

About a month later my amazing intended took me to the show we went to for our very first date. He had flowers sent ahead and little.did I know he also had the entire staff in on a surprise for me! During intermission I left to powder my nose and upon returning noticed we had a dessert that had a lovely,sparkling adornment. He dropped to one knee and told me how much he loved me then asked if I would spend everyday of the rest of our lives falling in mutual weirdness with him. Through my shock and tears I said YES!!!! again and the entire room burst out in applause. He is a pretty shy guy and I was truly impressed.