Tasha and Adam Walker Engagement Announcement

Tasha Ruser, daughter of Dennis and Carol Ruser of Blue Earth, has become engaged to Adam Walker, son of Steve and Julie Walker of St. James.

Wedding Date

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Adam had told me a few days before not to plan anything for the coming Saturday because he wanted to take me out for dinner. I was acting like a spoiled baby, all worried about the kids and a sitter and what not. Adam assured me he had it all taken care of. For some reason, because I was not in control and didn't know who, what, when, where and why - I just COULD NOT leave the children and came up with every excuse!

Adam had made reservations to our favorite restaurant in Mankato. My excuse: we don't have $70 to be throwing away on that. Let's just go to Fairmont to Jake's for pizza.

Adam had asked my parents to babysit. My excuse: ugh..that's a lot of work for them with two kids, when they have to work tomorrow, and then you want to go to Mankato and spend all of that money and get home late! What are we thinking?!?! We only get the kids every other weekend!

So, we went to Jake's in Fairmont for our pizza and then to Shopko to do school shopping. At this point, Adam (remember he wanted to go to Mankato - a further distance and we'd be home later) started to get antsy and kind of "weird". I was all of a sudden relaxed and didn't want to go home! I felt like I just won the lottery! I was shopping, had a full belly and it was peaceful! No "mommy, can I have" or "I have to pee!", being screamed throughout the aisles as I tirelessly tried to throw whatever is needed in the shopping cart! But, here I find myself with my (unbenounced to me) future husband, irritating me (remember, I just totally ruined his attempt at a very romantic proposal by accident and HE has the nerve to irritate ME!), while I'm trying to shop. So, we leave and drive back to Blue Earth in a little bit of a quiet demeanor. I'm slightly irritated and he knows it. He's being a weirdo and I'm just thinking "ugh what is wrong with you!"...but the poor guy is nervous as heck!

As we pull up to the driveway, I notice my parents vehicle is parked in the street and Steve and Julie are at our house too! I had a streak of panic at the thought of Adam's parents being there as I left our house a mess before we left! What are they doing here!?! (Sorry Steve and Julie! You're always welcome...just don't judge!). My mom had thankfully cleaned my house! As we got out of the car and walked up the driveway, I asked what everyone was doing, as the kids had pink and blue balloons! My mom and dad said to read the driveway and there it was - colored in chalk - WILL YOU MARRY ME! As I turned around to look at Adam, he was down on one knee, proposing to me in front of our parents and children - asking me to be his wife and partner for life. As I stood there nervous and shaking because he just pulled off a surprise that I'd never imagined (and I was seriously wishing I'd actually dressed up for our pizza date), I said YES!

As the days pass while we plan our wedding and our future together. I jokingly tell Adam I should've turned to the kids and asked "should I"? or stood there and said "umm...I don't know, let me think about it".....we both know, I couldn't do it. I love this man with my whole heart and all of who I am. I never thought that I would find a man like Adam, but God works in mysterious ways to answer prayers and I am a living testament that YES, God will answer your prayers in HIS timing. And what perfect timing it was!

Thank you Adam Walker for choosing me, for loving me when I am unlovable and for accepting and loving Hannah as your own. We are so very blessed to have you and Bentlee as "ours" and we love you both, more than you'll ever know!

How They Met

We met on Plenty of Fish. I sent Adam a "Meet Me" and Adam sent me an email. I responded right away, but to this day Adam swears I didn't respond for a week! We messaged each other back and forth for a week or so, traded phone numbers to text and then Adam asked if he could call one night. Our first phone call last from Midnight to 4am, finally ending with Adam asking me to go on a date with him. I thought he'd never ask!!!

The excitement of the first date arrives and we couldn't handle it, so we met up the night before for a movie at Adam's apartment. Anxiety was worthless! Love at first sight!

Date day arrives and of course excitement now, but wouldn't you know it...I was sick! I personally blame it on the four hour call earlier that week and the middle of the night movie the night before that just kept me from my beauty rest. Adam of course thought I was faking and was no longer interested. I feared Adam would think exactly what he was thinking! Adam showed up with a movie and snacks! Such a sweetheart. I was in love! Movies, popsicles, juice, ibuprofen and the man I would eventually marry - just what the doctor ordered.

We were nearly inseparable from that point on and the rest is a very quick and short history.