Kirstin and Danny Farasyn Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, October 24, 2015

My favorite part of that day was being able to take 15 minutes after the ceremony, but prior the reception, to spend alone with Danny. The day goes by so fast, that you need to be able to stop, breath, and realize how amazing the experience is, and that the memories you are making are ones that you will never forget. Also in that moment, we were able to Skype Danny's Grandmother who was ill and unable to be with us in person. Being able to share that moment with her, and the fact that she got to see the whole wedding ceremony truly made our day the best day of our entire lives.

Wedding Team

How We Met

Danny and I first met in High School, and our love has continued to grow ever since. We love spending time outdoors surrounded by nature. Some of the hobbies we share are camping, hunting, & fishing. We have two dogs, a Lab & an English Setter, a barn cat and I also have a horse. We now live on a farm site where we have a unlimited amount of space to be outside and spend time together with our pets.

Planning for Our Day

Our wedding theme was "Rustic Fall". I knew I wanted a fall wedding for a very long time, especially since that is Danny's and my favorite season. With having a fall wedding, I knew I could choose the traditional fall colors of red, orange, and yellow, but I wanted to do something different. Danny and I chose the colors of deep red & beige neutrals. We wanted something that felt "warm" and expresses the colors of our love for each other. Another thing we wanted to incorporate were our outdoor passions into the design of our wedding, so our centerpieces had deer antler sheds, horseshoes, and lanterns. When looking for a venue, we finally came across the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club, and found how perfect it was for us. We had an outdoor wedding ceremony overlooking the waterfowl wetlands during the sunset, and just to top that off, their were guns firing off in the background of the hunt clubs gun ranges that were still open to members off in the distance. Safe to say, our day was definitely perfect for us!

Hint for Brides

Try not to stress out! I know it hard not to, but the more you stay calm, the better you will feel. I used a planner to help give me guidelines and due dates to try and have tasks accomplished by. This made it much easier for me to get things done, and be happy with how the pace of my planning was going on. Also, don't be afraid to ask your friends and family for help! They wanna help make your day perfect and as stress free as possible.