Laura and Daniel Quandt Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Friday, June 1, 2018

Dan and I fell in love the minute we set foot on Legacy Hill Farm. We loved it so much, we decided to wait 2 years for the next available date open. It was so amazing and so special to see all of our hard work planning come together into such an amazing day. We couldn't have asked for better weather (maybe a little less wind)! We were surrounded by 240 friends and relatives that showered us with love and laughter. It truly could have not turned out better. From the coordination, to the florals, to the Coffee Cart, and food, everything was flawless! Dan and I were on cloud 9 and so happy to have such a memorable and special day that we will never forget.

Wedding Team

How We Met

Dan and I met working at our collage jobs at Menards in St Paul. Most romantic place in the world... I know... :) Dan worked in the outside yard and I worked in the Hardware department. We started going to happy hours after work with our other coworkers and developed a strong connection. The rest was history!

Planning for Our Day

Dan and I had an almost 2 year engagement, so our planning was probably a little less stressful given we had so much time to plan and save money. I had a lot of time to spend on Pinterest, Instagram and Etsy, which was great, but it also gave me way too many crazy ideas! :) I definitely did 95% of the planning, but Dan helped out here and there with anything I asked! My parents also helped tremendously!

Hint for Brides

1.Try to remember that you do not have to please everyone. Make sure that you do what is best for you and your special day. I had a really hard time with this when planning and as the day got closer I had to put everyone else's opinions and nit picky requests aside and focus on what I truly wanted in my wedding day.

  1. Take time away from everyone with your fiancé on the wedding day to take everything in. Dan and I took a moment to walk around the farm to see how all of our planning came together before the guests arrived and the chaos began. I really wanted to soak in how I felt and how everything looked.