Nadine and Darren Berle Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, September 12, 2015

My favorite part of my day was walking up behind my husband. Reaching for his shoulder to turn around, looking in his eyes and hearing him say "wow".

Wedding Team

How We Met

My favorite part of our story is the way my husband proposed.

Something we have always enjoyed together is ice fishing. The ice fishing year was coming to an end, but Darren was determined to go one last time. After a long day of work we packed a lunch, grabbed the portable ice house, and headed to a local lake. On the way I realized our license had expired, but Darren said there wouldn't be many people out since the lake was starting to thaw.

Once we got to the lake we started to walk out on the ice. The ice along the shore broke your first few steps and I was freaking out about it, but he assured me it would be just fine. Once we got half way out, we set up the portable and got our lines in the water. I then asked Darren were the food was that we had packed and realized it was left in the truck!

After begging him to go get it for 10 minutes I finally went and go it myself because he wouldn't go and do it. Let's just say I was not happy about this. When I got back I sat down and didn't talk to him. He said, "You might want to check you line because I think you had something and I lost it."

My reply (since I was so upset) was "I don't really care about fishing right now" Then he said, "you should really check it!" So I reeled up and there was a ring! I looked at my husband and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. Of course I said yes and wasn't mad anymore! After we were done calling everyone we decided to pack up since his plan wasn't to actually fish anyway.

Planning for Our Day

Darren grew up on the farm so I wanted to be sure to incorporate his life in our theme but still make it look elegant. All the girls wore cowboy boots and I used lace and burlap with gold accents to make it look elegant. I definitely spent more on my dress than I had planned in the budget. Once I tried it on I knew that was it and it didn't matter how much it cost.

Hint for Brides

My best tip is to get ready at home with all your bridesmaids. It was so relaxing and we laughed all morning! We had breakfast and mimosa. The morning was amazing!